CCSD Earns Highest-Ever Scores on ACT

CCSD Earns Highest-Ever Scores on ACT

Snapshot: CCSD 2016 ACT and SAT Results

The Class of 2016 earned the Cherokee County School District’s highest-ever scores on the challenging ACT college entrance and placement examination, continuing to rank the system in the top five in the State and topping the National average.

The CCSD average ACT composite/total score on the curriculum-based test is 23.1, rising from 22.7 last year and from 20.8 over the past decade; the State average increased to 21.1 and the National average declined slightly to 20.8.  Students earn a score on a scale of 1 to 36; the ACT is taken in lieu of or along with the SAT.

The CCSD Class of 2016 earned the system’s highest-ever scores in the English (22.8), Reading (23.9) and Science (22.9) sections, with averages for those three areas increasing from the previous year, and Math holding steady at 22.1 – all of these subject scores exceed State and National averages.  The number of CCSD seniors who took the ACT also soared to 1,623 – 62% of the senior class – a jump from 1,450 and 59% the previous year.

ACT 2016 Chart

CCSD 2016 ACT Results Chart

CCSD Principals will evaluate these results with leadership and data-management teams to determine instructional areas to target for improvement.  Counselors will review these scores to ensure the best testing choices are recommended to students for college admission and scholarship success.  The ACT will be administered in CCSD this year on Sept. 10, Oct. 22, Dec. 10, Feb. 11, April 8 and June 10.

“We firmly believe that our students and teachers are not numbers, and that a successful education cannot be defined only by achieving high test scores,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said.  “Results such as these ACT scores do provide a useful benchmark for a wider evaluation of teaching and learning… and we are very proud that our students and teachers continue to excel at such an impressive level!”

“We appreciate all of the effort it takes to succeed at this height: dedicated students and supportive families working together with our CCSD team of teachers at every grade level, support staff, administrators, volunteers and partners, and a community that has supported investing in education through renewal of our Education SPLOST,” he added.

Another benchmark that goes hand-in-hand with these results is the State data that shows when CCSD students enter college, they are more prepared than their peers: 90 percent of recent CCSD graduates who enrolled in a state college or university (9,100 students) did not need a single remedial class.

“We remain focused on the progress of every student and ‘Educating the Emerging Generation’ for the next step in their lives, whichever path they choose!” Dr. Hightower said.