CCSD Improves Performance, Exceeds State CCRPI Average!

CCSD Improves Performance, Exceeds State CCRPI Average!

CCRPI results chart

The Cherokee County School District for the sixth consecutive year has improved results and exceeded the State’s average College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) score, which annually rates student academic achievement and progress!

The School District’s 2016-17 CCRPI average, released today by the Georgia Department of Education, is 81.8, up from 81.6, and tops the statewide average of 75. Scores at all three levels of CCSD schools – elementary, middle and high – surpass State performance; only one CCSD school scores below 70, with a 67 – a decrease from three schools last year, and five schools scored above 90 – an increase from three schools last year.

“We’re so proud of our students, teachers and staff, parents and partners for the incredible dedication required to realize significant gains in achievement and progress,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said. “Making the needle move in this complicated formula is extremely challenging, especially as such ratings don’t fully reflect the advancements accomplished daily by our most at-risk students and their tireless teachers. We support the State DOE’s plans to further improve the accuracy of this index, as we work together to ‘educate the emerging generation’ for college and career readiness.”

Data used to calculate CCRPI scores, including Georgia Milestones test results and graduation rates, are reviewed by CCSD and school leaders and data teams upon receipt throughout the year. This immediate responsiveness allows CCSD to continuously improve as quickly as possible without waiting for calculation of the CCRPI.

Whenever a negative trend is spotted in this year-round data flow, the Superintendent of Schools is pre-authorized by the School Board to deploy a CCSD leadership team to schools experiencing challenges for an operational review resulting in specific recommendations for improvements.

CCRPI school results chart


CCSD Careers Teacher Selected for Elite State Leadership Program!

Judi Haggerty

A Cherokee County School District Career Pathways teacher is among an elite group of educators selected for a State leadership program!

Judi Haggerty of River Ridge High School has been named to the inaugural LEAD CTAE (Career, Technical and Agricultural Education) leadership development program.

Sponsored by the CTAE Resource Network, Georgia Department of Education and Georgia Association for Career and Technical Education, the program is designed to provide career education teachers with valuable skills and knowledge in the areas of team building, leadership, priority management, business engagement, legislative advocacy and policy, communication, instruction, economic development.

The group of 20 teachers selected from CTAE educators statewide will participate in five program sessions beginning in November and culminating at the annual GACTE summer conference. They represent 19 school systems and 14 program areas.


CCSD Outscores State, Nation on Redesigned SAT

SAT scores graphic

UPDATE 10/17/17: Detailed reports from The College Board show CCSD’s 2017 SAT scores to be among the highest in Georgia– and first among county school districts in Metro Atlanta! All of CCSD’s high schools earned average scores in the top 15% of high schools in the state, with a total score difference of less than 6% among CCSD schools.

Students who take the SAT also complete a questionnaire when they register for the test, which generates additional information about a school district’s test takers, from class rank and college preferences to intended majors and degrees. CCSD students who ranked in the top 10% of their class scored nearly 200 points higher than the district average, with a score of 1316!

Students taking the SAT can select 3-5 colleges to send their scores to; CCSD students chose Kennesaw State University, University of Georgia and University of North Georgia as their top three public universities inside the state. University of Alabama, Auburn University and University of Tennessee were the top out-of-state colleges chosen by CCSD’s class of 2017, and Reinhardt University, Emory University and Mercer University led the private college list.

CCSD students taking the SAT last year were most interested in fields of study that involved healthcare, engineering and business. Students whose parents held a bachelor’s degree or higher tended to score 100 points better than those students whose parents had only a high school diploma.


9/26/17: Cherokee County School District’s Class of 2017 outscored the State and National averages on the newly redesigned SAT, according to data released today by the College Board.

The test now includes two 800-point sections: Evidence Based Reading & Writing (ERW) and Mathematics, with a possible total score of 1600; in recent years, the test included three 800-point sections, with a possible total score of 2400. The third section, a writing exam, is now optional.

The CCSD Class of 2017 earned an average total score of 1121 (569 ERW; 552 Math), which tops the National average by 61 points and the State average by 71 points. The curriculum-based, college entrance and placement exam is the most commonly recognized measure of achievement for high school students.

“While increasing test scores is not our focus, this exceptional performance shows we’re succeeding in our mission of preparing students for college and career readiness,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said. “Congratulations to these students, their families, teachers and everyone in our CCSD community who makes accomplishments like this possible!”

All CCSD high schools achieved an average score above the National and State average on the exam, which measures critical reading and mathematics abilities that are related to successful performance in college.

As the test was redesigned, it’s impossible to be compared to last year’s results, but CCSD continues to perform higher than National and State levels with strong participation… which also was illustrated by outstanding ACT college-entrance exam results released earlier this month.

These scores will be analyzed by Principals and their Leadership and Data Management Teams to review teaching practices and set new performance goals. Counselors also use the results to recommend entrance exams that best suit each student’s strengths and needs.

“Our School District is dedicated to ‘Educating the Emerging Generation,’ and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly,” Dr. Hightower said. “We’re focused on continuous improvement, and we will use these results to further hone our practices to ensure each child in our community receives the best education possible.”

SAT results chart

SAT Schools Results Chart

CCSD Class of 2017 Earns Record High Scores on ACT

ACT graphicACT Scores Chart

The Cherokee County School District continues to excel at preparing students for college and career success!

Scores released today show the Class of 2017 exceeded previous record high averages on the challenging ACT college entrance and placement examination. The students’ performance on the test also continues to top National and State averages!

“Our mission is to ‘educate the emerging generation’ in preparation for the challenges of higher education and the workplace, and these results show our community that our teachers are achieving that goal,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said. “We are so proud of these students and their teachers, and we are so grateful for the leadership of our School Board and the support of our community that enables us to continuously exceed expectations!”

The CCSD average ACT composite/total score on the curriculum-based test is 23.2, rising from 23.1 last year and from 20.8 over the past decade; the State average increased to 21.4 (now ranked as the fifth in the U.S. among states that test at least half their students), and the National average rose to 21. Students earn a score on a scale of 1 to 36; the ACT is taken in lieu of or along with the SAT. Class of 2017 SAT scores are expected to be released later this month.

The CCSD Class of 2017 earned the system’s highest-ever scores across all subjects: Reading (24), English (22.9), Math (22.3) and Science (23) – and all of these subject scores exceed State and National averages. The number of CCSD seniors taking the ACT also climbed to 1,688, up from 1,623 the previous year.

When CCSD students enter college, according to State data, they also are more prepared than their peers, as 91.5 percent of graduates who enroll in a state college or university don’t need a single remedial class.

School and individual student ACT results are closely reviewed by Principals and their leadership and data-management teams to develop instructional improvement plans. Counselors also use the data to refine recommendations as to which entrance exams best position individual students for college admission and scholarship success. The ACT will be administered in CCSD this year on Sept. 9, Oct. 28, Dec. 9 and Feb. 10.

“While we celebrate these results, we remain focused on ensuring every student receives the best education possible and fulfilling the responsibility entrusted to us by their parents,” Dr. Hightower said. “Our country’s public schools provide a vital service to 51 million students and their families, and I believe there’s no greater public school system in our country than the one we have here in our community. We care about your children. We care about your children’s future. We care about your children’s future success.”

ACT Scores Chart

ACT Scores Chart

ACT Scores Chart

CCSD Exceeds State College & Career Readiness Average, Increases Score

CCSD CCRPI 2015-16 Scores

The Cherokee County School District for the fifth consecutive year has exceeded the State’s average score under the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) system that annually assesses student academic achievement and progress… and increased its average score by more than 3 points!

The School District’s average CCRPI score for 2015-16 released today by the Georgia Department of Education is 81.6, up from 78.2 the previous year, and exceeding the Georgia average of 73.6.  Averages at all three levels of CCSD schools – elementary, middle and high – increased; no schools scored below 64.

Individual pieces of data used to formulate CCRPI, such as Georgia Milestones assessment results and graduation rates, are analyzed by school and CCSD data management and leadership teams upon receipt throughout the year.  As a result, CCSD’s efforts to track college and career readiness and address school performance issues are not halted while waiting for the State to calculate a score based on these metrics.

Additionally, School Board Policy provides for an administrative team to intervene whenever the Superintendent of Schools determines action is needed.  The process, which has been utilized three times in recent years, sends a team of CCSD leaders to the school for a thorough operational review with specific recommendations issued for changes.

Annual CCRPI scores do serve a purpose for CCSD: the 2014-15 CCRPI scores were designated by the School Board as the benchmark for achievement for our Strategic Waiver System reform model; we now are working to improve annually on those benchmark scores… which these new results illustrate is being accomplished.

“We applaud the hard work underway by students, teachers and staff in schools across CCSD to ensure that every student is as successful as possible, which we know also requires the support of parents, families, volunteers and partners,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said.  “Thank you to everyone who plays a role in preparing our future generation for college and career readiness… together we’re successfully ‘Educating the Emerging Generation!’

2015   CCRPI 2016   CCRPI
Arnold Mill 76.2 77.5
Avery 80.3 87.1
Ball Ground 68.9 75.7
Bascomb 87.8 93.1
Boston 84.8 81.7
Canton 60.0 68.7
Carmel 75.0 83.1
Clark Creek 75.7 78.5
Clayton 75.6 75.9
Free Home 84.9 76.6
Hasty 62.4 64.5
Hickory Flat 82.6 88.4
Holly Springs 56.9 68.6
Indian Knoll 72.4 78.8
Johnston 81.3 80.0
Knox 68.5 78.3
Liberty 72.1 81.3
Little River 76.2 73.9
Macedonia 86.9 88.6
Mountain Road 69.5 83.3
Oak Grove 65.6 76.7
R.M. Moore 69.1 84.5
Sixes 80.0 83.3
Woodstock 75.1 77.4
STATE MS AVG 71.2   71.5
CCSD MS AVG 77.6 81.3
Creekland 78.9 84.4
E.T. Booth 84.3 86.4
Dean Rusk 78.7 82.1
Freedom 84.5 80.6
Mill Creek 74.8 78.6
Teasley 63.7 74.3
Woodstock 82.4 85.3
STATE HS AVG 75.8 75.7
CCSD HS AVG 83.0 85.6
Cherokee 79.7 71.8
Creekview 82.9 88.7
Etowah 88.0 85.1
River Ridge 83.1 89.5
Sequoyah 84.7 90.4
Woodstock 83.8 90.2
STATE AVG 75.5 73.6
CCSD AVG 78.2 81.6