Cherokee County Educational Foundation Awards Record $25,000 in Grants to CCSD

Cherokee County Educational Foundation Awards Record $25,000 in Grants to CCSD

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CCEFThe Cherokee County Educational Foundation this month held its Annual Meeting and presented a record $25,000 in Special Projects Grants to the Cherokee County School District!

CCEF is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the students and staff of the Cherokee County School District by promoting teaching and learning and celebrating achievements. The Foundation seeks funding and resources to enrich CCSD schools in areas not fully funded in the regular school program.

“It’s so impressive to see the support we’ve received, as we had hoped, from the community,” CCEF President William “Billy” G. Hasty Jr. said at the meeting, which was held on Wednesday, Dec. 16, at Freedom Middle School. “We are so thankful that we have the opportunity to support these important programs and projects.”

The presentation of $25,000 in these grants was a significant increase from last year’s $8,750, and Mr. Hasty noted that the generosity of supporters of fundraisers such as the CCEF “Celebration of Education” Gala, presented by Northside Hospital-Cherokee, make such giving possible. The 2016 Gala date has been set for March 12 at the Northside Hospital-Cherokee Conference Center.

Special Projects Grants support CCSD programs not funded or not fully funded by Local, State and Federal funds. The Board presented:

  • Credit Connect (Credit Recovery), $8,000: This grant continues and significantly expands CCEF’s sponsorship of scholarships offered to high school students who are at risk of not graduating on time without taking or retaking courses online and who otherwise could not afford to take these classes. This scholarship program would not be possible without donations from the community like this grant.
  • Cherokee Academies, $6,000: This grant allows the expansion of special learning opportunities at its STEM and Fine Arts Academies through the purchase of additional software and supplies.
  • CEISMC Program, $2,700: This grant allows the expansion of a partnership with Georgia Tech that provides STEM learning opportunities to middle school students through the purchase of robotics and 3D printer supplies.
  • Pre-K Program, $2,700: This grant allows the expansion of learning materials provided to CCSD’s Preschool Centers to increase phonics awareness among pre-kindergarteners.
  • CHOICES Program, $2,000: This grant allows the expansion of the CHOICES program, which provides extra support to Special Education high school students who are working toward earning regular education diplomas.
  • Partner of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and Teacher of the Year recognition programs, $1,750: This grant continues the Foundation’s sponsorship of these programs, which recognize and encouraging outstanding teachers, partners and volunteers.
  • FOCUS Initiatives for Canton Elementary School STEM Academy and Hasty Elementary School STEM Academy, $1,600: This grant provides these Title I schools with additional academic resources to assist at-risk students, including those who come from low-income homes and whose parents do not speak English.
  • Science Olympiad, $500: This grant allows CCSD’s Science Olympiad program to expand to offer more students the opportunity to expand their knowledge, compete and earn recognition for their success.
  • ACE Literary Magazine, $250: This grant allows the school’s award-winning literary magazine to improve its photography equipment so students can learn higher skills through participation in the program.

Additionally, thanks to Books-A-Million at Canton Marketplace and its customers, the Principals for ACE Academy, Canton ES STEM Academy, Cherokee HS and Hasty ES Fine Arts Academy each received a donation of grade-appropriate books for their schools.

CCEF returns all funds raised in the community to CCSD through several different grant programs, another one of which is the IMPACT Grants program for “bright ideas” submitted by teachers, departments and schools to encourage and support innovation and creativity in teaching and learning. Earlier this year, CCEF awarded $15,000 in these grants… and in February 2016, a record $25,000 in these grants will be awarded!

During the Annual Meeting, the Woodstock Innovation Zone Principals presented the CCEF Board with a donation of more than $1,400 raised through recent fundraisers at their schools. Foundation Board Member Rod Drake, the Area Manager for Georgia Power, during the meeting also presented CCEF with a $3,000 donation from the utility company’s Foundation.

For more information about CCEF, please visit its website at or find CCEF on Facebook.

CCEF to Award $25,000 in Grants to CCSD Teachers, Schools

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The Cherokee County Educational Foundation announced today that it is accepting applications for its third annual round of IMPACT Grants to encourage and support innovative and creative ideas in teaching and learning in the Cherokee County School District.

Due to growing public support, the Foundation Board has allotted $25,000 for  the third round of grant awards… an increase from $15,000 last school year. The Foundation will fund IMPACT  Grants of as much as $2,500 per winning proposal; the application is posted on the CCEF and CCSD websites. Applications must be postmarked by Jan. 11, 2016; no exceptions to this deadline will be made. Grants will be presented to winning applicants on Feb. 12, 2016.

Last school year’s grant winners included a variety of “bright ideas” ranging StoryCorps-inspired media center recording  studio to archive a high school community’s oral histories to mobile gardening labs for first- and second-graders to learn about science (and to love vegetables) to equipping an elementary school with a 3D printer so students can see their engineering designs come to life.

Applications may be submitted by CCSD teachers, paraprofessionals and school s staff; teams of CCSD teachers, paraprofessionals and school staff; CCSD administrators; or CCSD department heads. A committee made up of Foundation Board members will review applications, which must meet the following criteria: strengthens academics; demonstrates a creative and innovative approach to education; provides meaningful and engaging instruction for students; is well thought-out with a long-term benefit; incorporates budget details; and, includes the official application completed in its entirety. Applications require a narrative that outlines, among other information, how: the project will benefit a defined target population and strengthen education; the project relates to the school’s School Improvement Plan or the School District’s Five-Year Strategic Plan;  the applicant will collaborate with the community; project expenditures and the sustainability of the project if applicable; and how outcomes of the project will be shared with colleagues and  the community. Grant recipients are required to complete a grant evaluation report at the end of the grant cycle.

For more information, see the  website at; email or call (770) 704-4213 and leave a voicemail message.

CCEF 2015-16 IMPACT Grant Application