CCSD Piloting Bus Tracking System for Parents at Three Schools

CCSD Piloting Bus Tracking System for Parents at Three Schools

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The Transportation Department began testing the Versatrans My Stop system earlier this school year with selected individual parents, and that pilot now is ready to expand on March 5 to three schools.

The Cherokee County School District is expanding its pilot of a new system that allows parents to track their child’s school bus on a smart phone or computer!

The Transportation Department began testing the Versatrans My Stop system earlier this school year with selected individual parents, and that pilot now is ready to expand on March 5 to three schools: Arnold Mill Elementary School, Johnston Elementary School and Mill Creek Middle School. The School District’s goal is to expand access to the system to all CCSD parents at the start of next school year.

“Providing real-time bus information to parents is an important service we have worked toward for the past two years,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower. “Knowing whether a bus is on schedule gives parents the option  of keeping their children indoors as long as possible on cold mornings and eliminates the worry that comes with not knowing where the bus is when it’s running late. We appreciate the work our Transportation Department and Office of School Operations has put into this project to better serve our students and families.”

Look for this Versatrans My Stop logo in your device’s app store to ensure you download the correct app.

My Stop offers parents the ability to track their child’s school bus through CCSD’s website or the Versatrans My Stop mobile app. The GPS-based system shows parents the location of their child’s bus on a map of its route for 15 minutes prior to its scheduled arrival at the bus stop both in the morning and in the afternoon. The system also alerts parents of how many minutes away the bus is from the stop, which provides an even more accurate report than the map image.

Schools will have access to an “arrival board” online, similar to screens at an airport, so staff there will have complete and accurate information about all buses. The My Stop system will improve efficiency by providing parents with the most timely information possible and by eliminating the need for school staff to prepare and send notifications if a bus is delayed.

Parents only will have access to the route for their child’s home address, and access to the system’s tracking information is limited to the 15-minute window before their child is scheduled to be picked up from the stop in the morning or dropped off at the stop in the afternoon. Access accounts only can be set up by parents who have their child’s student ID. Only parents with children at one of the three pilot schools will be able to access the system beginning March 5, and they only will be able to see information for their children’s routes at those schools.

Parents of children who attend the pilot schools will be provided with additional information and can contact the front office of their child’s school with any questions. More information will be shared with all parents prior to the start of next school year, so they will be able to use this new system.

Message from the Superintendent: Show a Bus Driver That You Appreciate Them

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Macedonia Bus Safety 020

Show a Bus Driver That You Appreciate Them

By Dr. Brian V. Hightower, Superintendent of Schools

Every parent has those days when he or she feels like a bus driver.

Maybe your SUV is loaded up with your kids and a couple of their friends after school.  Or you’re carrying half the team in your minivan to a game.  And it’s more crowded and noisier and messier than usual.

But we all know that’s not the half of it for our school bus drivers.

These dedicated employees transport 29,000 children along 20,000 miles of busy roads during morning and afternoon rush hour.  Some are driving specially equipped buses to carry children with special needs.

They not only need to safely navigate the road with these additional challenges; our school bus drivers also must maintain order on a bus like a teacher does in the classroom.

They stand ready for a crisis at any time… students have experienced medical emergencies aboard buses that required life-saving actions on the part of our drivers.

They rise in the dark hours of the morning, day in and day out, rain or shine.  They drive additional routes so children can enjoy field trips, extra-curricular activities and athletic competitions.

When inclement weather strikes, our school bus drivers put aside concerns for their own families and focus on delivering their precious cargo home first.

We continuously train our drivers to ensure they have the skills and tools they need to be as successful as possible… no matter the challenges aboard, in the next lane or in the forecast.

Our school bus drivers represent a cross-section of our community… their ranks include parents and grandparents of children in our schools.  Some choose this as their first career and serve for decades, and for others it’s a second career after the corporate world or public service.

What they all share in common is great care for what they do and who they serve.

This week, we’re observing School Bus Driver Appreciation and School Bus Safety Week.  We’re celebrating throughout our school district and ask you to please join us in showing our community’s appreciation.

Thanks to a community sponsor, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, we’re hosting breakfast this Wednesday for all of our school bus drivers and the support team of monitors, specialists, administrators and National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence Blue Seal of Excellence-certified technicians… who together keep our fleet of nearly 400 school buses running and on time.

How can you show your appreciation?

Maybe it’s a card or small gift your child can make and give to his or her school bus driver.  Maybe it’s an email you can send to your child’s Principal praising a driver.

At the minimum, please be patient and courteous when you encounter our school bus drivers on the road each day.  We know they often must drive slow and make stops, and that can be frustrating in our hurried world.

But remember, they’re carrying the most precious of cargo: our future.