CCSD to Begin Sending Parents Weekly Absence and Grades Reports

CCSD to Begin Sending Parents Weekly Absence and Grades Reports

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The Cherokee County School District on Saturday, March 3, 2018 will begin emailing parents a weekly school attendance and grades report.

“Parents asked for this service, and I’m very happy to share that our Technology & Information Services staff developed a way to use our new Canvas learning management system and Aspen student information system to provide these updates,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said. “This new function comes at no cost to the School District and helps us better serve parents and students.”

The information shared with parents every Saturday by email will vary depending on the grade in which their child is enrolled.

For students in kindergarten through second grade, the report will share weekly and cumulative totals for full-day absences (excused and unexcused), tardies and checkouts. These reports do not include grades.

For students in third through eighth grade, the report will share weekly and cumulative totals for full-day absences (excused and unexcused), tardies and checkouts, as well as a current grade for each class. Parents additionally will receive cumulative absences by class for middle school students in high school-credit courses.

For students in high school, the report will share cumulative absences and grades by class. Cumulative totals are important to high school students to ensure they do not exceed allowed absence totals. The system will not produce a report on weekly absences by class, but parents can determine that total by comparing the new report to the previous week’s report.

These emails will be sent to parents using the email address currently on file with the school and stored in Aspen… the same email address used to send parents School Messenger emails. If a parent wants to change his or her email address on file, please contact the front office of the child’s school for assistance.

School Board Proclaims September as National Attendance Awareness Month

According to the U.S. Department of Education, more than 6.5 million students missed 15 or more days – almost a full month – of school during the 2013-14 academic year. During that school year, students were chronically absent in every state, and nearly 500 school districts reported that 30 percent or more of their students missed at least three weeks of school.

Attendance Awareness Month

While the Cherokee County School District maintains strong overall student attendance rates (+96% average daily attendance over the past ten years), the attendance of every student every day is critically important to their individual success, as well as the overall continued high performance of the School District and the Cherokee County community at large.

The Georgia Department of Education is calling upon Superintendents of Schools and School Boards to make the promotion of attendance a priority including through support of National Attendance Awareness Month, which is observed in September.

The Cherokee County School Board unanimously approved a proclamation at its September 1, 2016 meeting.  Here is the language of the proclamation:

“Whereas, September is observed as National Attendance Awareness Month to support a growing national movement of school leaders looking beyond average daily attendance and truancy numbers to identify and address the challenges that keep students from getting to school every day; and

Whereas, it is fitting and proper for the Cherokee County School District to observe this month as a continuation of its focus on continuously increasing student achievement; and

Whereas, adoption of a proclamation, along with other promotion by the Cherokee County School District, will raise awareness of the importance of every student attending school every day;

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Cherokee County School Board, do hereby proclaim September as National Attendance Awareness Month in the Cherokee County School District.”

In addition to this proclamation, CCSD will be promoting the month in the community through its various communications platforms.