The Science of Sports: Booth MS Students Learn STEM Lessons from Baseball

The Science of Sports: Booth MS Students Learn STEM Lessons from Baseball

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Note: A video about the Science of Baseball project can be viewed on the CCSD YouTube channel at .

photo of blooper

Braves mascot, Blooper, entertained students at the completion of their STEM unit on the science of baseball.

Students on the 7th grade Lookout Mountain team at E.T. Booth MS have been learning about the science behind the sport of baseball as the center of their STEM classroom activities this spring. Students and teachers celebrated the end of the unit this week with a visit from Atlanta Braves mascot “Blooper,” along with prize giveaways of Braves tickets and memorabilia.


Through a CCSD partnership with the Atlanta Braves, the Booth MS team teachers were able to work with Science of Sport, a nonprofit organization that develops curriculum with the sole focus of bringing sports and STEM subjects together.   The new curriculum was a “home run” with students and teachers, and is expected to be expanded to other CCSD middle schools next school year, as the district focuses on increasing the STEM rigor in its middle schools.

Blooper tests Hannelore Harmen’s reaction time with a baseball card.

Science teacher Kara Reeder said students engaged in activities such as building simple machine baseball players that could hit a ball; learning about trajectory and launch angle by studying home runs and taking batting practice; using mathematic concepts in laying out a strike zone and graphing coordinates; and learning about reaction time.


“The science of baseball allowed us to use 21st Century STEM skills for a fun and authentic project,” said Ms. Reeder. “It’s always fun to keep kids engaged at the end of the school year. To have a program that incorporates both the fun of baseball with something academic that we can tie in, is the perfect marriage. It’s been really engaging for them and enjoyable for us as teachers.”

The excitement about the STEM activities spread to reading classes where students read about famous baseball players and wrote persuasive letters to the Woodstock City Council asking them to consider bringing a minor league team to the city.

Aron Rooze with Science of Sport said he enjoyed watching the Booth MS students have fun while learning.


“The time in the classroom is the most fantastic part of my job,” said Rooze. “Seeing the kids and teachers engaged and using the suggested activity to learn a lesson is amazing. That is the true ultimate outcome that we want to have – for kids to have fun learning about STEM and be able to take the lesson they’ve learned and transfer it to all areas of their lives.


“We love working with Cherokee County and are looking forward to expanding the program in the future,” he said.


The Atlanta Braves will feature a showcase of the students’ work at the game on Sunday, May 20 at SunTrust Park. Weather permitting, the Booth MS students also will coordinate and host a wiffle ball game with teachers during the final days of school next week.