CCSD Make-Up Days to be Held During February Break

CCSD Make-Up Days to be Held During February Break

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On behalf of the Superintendent, please be advised that he has called for school to be held on three days during the February Break — Feb. 21, 22 and 23 — as inclement weather make-up days for all CCSD students. Please read the letter posted here (and here in Spanish) for further information including options for families that already have made travel plans for the February Break.

Text of letter is below:

22 January 201822 January 2018

Dear Parent,

Please be advised that my senior staff and I have reviewed various models and options for recovering the student instructional time lost to the four days missed this month due to inclement weather.  We have weighed at length the pros and cons of each of these options:

• Apply CCSD’s current State flexibility waiver to excuse/forgive the four January days (bringing the total days forgiven so far this school year to seven); or,

• Lengthen the school day by additional minutes to account for the four January days and/or implement an online learning recovery model; or,

• Utilize the three make-up days built into the February Break to account for three of the four January days, and excuse/forgive the one remaining missed day (bringing the total days forgiven so far this school year to four); or,

• Modify the existing calendar to create make-up days during Spring Break or by extending the School Year into the last week of May.

After carefully reviewing these options, we believe the best choice for the education of our students is to use our previously advertised February Break inclement weather make-up days, which was designed for recovering valuable instructional time in situations just like this.

Therefore, the February Break will now consist of a four-day weekend with all CCSD schools closed on February 19 and 20, but re-opening for February 21, 22 and 23 for inclement weather make-up days, as has been advertised on the 2017-18 School Year Calendar (attached) since its adoption in April 2015.  The fourth day missed earlier this month will be excused/forgiven for students; staff will be required to make up this missed time.  

We understand that some families already have committed to travel plans during the February Break and may be unable to reschedule without hardship.  We ask those parents to please communicate with their child’s teacher about assignments and make-up work to be completed upon return to school the following week.

I am committed to pursuing a districtwide online learning recovery model that would allow for the continuation of teaching and learning when schools close due to inclement weather. During the January closings, many CCSD teachers used our new Canvas learning management system and other technology resources to continue teaching and learning, but we must complete our districtwide plan and related training before a comprehensive online learning model will be ready for a successful launch next school year.


Dr. Brian V. Hightower

Superintendent of Schools