School Board to Hold Public Input Session on Attendance Areas on Nov. 16

School Board to Hold Public Input Session on Attendance Areas on Nov. 16

The Cherokee County School Board will hold a Public Input Session on 2018-19 Attendance Areas at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017 in its auditorium at 1205 Bluffs Parkway, Canton 30114.  The purpose is to hear from the community about possible solutions to Cherokee High School overcrowding.

The School Board will hear from as many as 15 speakers, who each will be allotted a maximum of 3 minutes.  Auditorium doors will open at 5:30 p.m., with a sign-up sheet for the speaker slots in the lobby.

We suggest that any groups working together to advocate for a specific solution designate a spokesperson to speak on the group’s behalf; the entire group is welcome to stand behind the spokesperson at the podium.  We also suggest speakers bring a copy of their remarks to give to CCSD staff, so the remarks can be copied and shared with the Board for further review.

The Board’s Policy for public participation in meetings is posted here; we would ask anyone planning to attend and participate in this input session to review these guidelines, as they also apply to any signage citizens bring… additionally, signs that block others from viewing the meeting will not be permitted.

The input session is a public hearing; Board Members will be listening and taking notes, but not responding to comments.  Citizens who are unable to attend can share their input with Board Members by using the contact information posted here.  The Board welcomes direct public input until its vote to approve a solution at the 7 p.m. Dec. 14 regular meeting in the school board auditorium.

Next week’s Public Input Session follows two rounds of public input meetings held by CCSD staff with parents, employees and others from the community (the initial presentation is online here).  Following the first round of four meetings, four possible solutions discussed by the community were closely reviewed by CCSD staff.  More detailed information including each plan’s financial impact was presented by CCSD staff during the second round of two meetings; that presentation is available online here.