CCSD Improves Performance, Exceeds State CCRPI Average!

CCSD Improves Performance, Exceeds State CCRPI Average!

CCRPI results chart

The Cherokee County School District for the sixth consecutive year has improved results and exceeded the State’s average College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) score, which annually rates student academic achievement and progress!

The School District’s 2016-17 CCRPI average, released today by the Georgia Department of Education, is 81.8, up from 81.6, and tops the statewide average of 75. Scores at all three levels of CCSD schools – elementary, middle and high – surpass State performance; only one CCSD school scores below 70, with a 67 – a decrease from three schools last year, and five schools scored above 90 – an increase from three schools last year.

“We’re so proud of our students, teachers and staff, parents and partners for the incredible dedication required to realize significant gains in achievement and progress,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said. “Making the needle move in this complicated formula is extremely challenging, especially as such ratings don’t fully reflect the advancements accomplished daily by our most at-risk students and their tireless teachers. We support the State DOE’s plans to further improve the accuracy of this index, as we work together to ‘educate the emerging generation’ for college and career readiness.”

Data used to calculate CCRPI scores, including Georgia Milestones test results and graduation rates, are reviewed by CCSD and school leaders and data teams upon receipt throughout the year. This immediate responsiveness allows CCSD to continuously improve as quickly as possible without waiting for calculation of the CCRPI.

Whenever a negative trend is spotted in this year-round data flow, the Superintendent of Schools is pre-authorized by the School Board to deploy a CCSD leadership team to schools experiencing challenges for an operational review resulting in specific recommendations for improvements.

CCRPI school results chart