CCSD Graduation Rate Rises to New Heights

CCSD Graduation Rate Rises to New Heights

Graduation rate chart

The Cherokee County School District’s four-year graduation rate is rising to new heights!

The School District’s four-year graduation rate climbed to a record high of 86.5% for 2017, up from 84.7% for 2016, according to a new report from the Georgia Department of Education. The rate also continues to exceed the statewide average, topping the State’s 2017 rate of 80.6%.

“While we are proud of this significant improvement, we remain committed to the success of all students… the inverse of these rates is not a ‘dropout’ rate, but includes many of our most challenged students,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said. “These students often need a little more time and support to earn their diploma whether due to special needs, a medical issue or struggles at home.”

school graduation ratesDr. Hightower said several programs, including ACE Academy alternative day school, Polaris Evening School, online credit recovery courses, graduation coaching and the CHOICE special education program, have contributed to increasing rates.

“Graduation is the celebration of our students’ lifetime of work so far, supported by their families, teachers and the entire school community,” Dr. Hightower said. “Together, we are ensuring that our ‘emerging generation’ is ready for future success!”