CCSD Outscores State, Nation on Redesigned SAT

CCSD Outscores State, Nation on Redesigned SAT

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UPDATE 10/17/17: Detailed reports from The College Board show CCSD’s 2017 SAT scores to be among the highest in Georgia– and first among county school districts in Metro Atlanta! All of CCSD’s high schools earned average scores in the top 15% of high schools in the state, with a total score difference of less than 6% among CCSD schools.

Students who take the SAT also complete a questionnaire when they register for the test, which generates additional information about a school district’s test takers, from class rank and college preferences to intended majors and degrees. CCSD students who ranked in the top 10% of their class scored nearly 200 points higher than the district average, with a score of 1316!

Students taking the SAT can select 3-5 colleges to send their scores to; CCSD students chose Kennesaw State University, University of Georgia and University of North Georgia as their top three public universities inside the state. University of Alabama, Auburn University and University of Tennessee were the top out-of-state colleges chosen by CCSD’s class of 2017, and Reinhardt University, Emory University and Mercer University led the private college list.

CCSD students taking the SAT last year were most interested in fields of study that involved healthcare, engineering and business. Students whose parents held a bachelor’s degree or higher tended to score 100 points better than those students whose parents had only a high school diploma.


9/26/17: Cherokee County School District’s Class of 2017 outscored the State and National averages on the newly redesigned SAT, according to data released today by the College Board.

The test now includes two 800-point sections: Evidence Based Reading & Writing (ERW) and Mathematics, with a possible total score of 1600; in recent years, the test included three 800-point sections, with a possible total score of 2400. The third section, a writing exam, is now optional.

The CCSD Class of 2017 earned an average total score of 1121 (569 ERW; 552 Math), which tops the National average by 61 points and the State average by 71 points. The curriculum-based, college entrance and placement exam is the most commonly recognized measure of achievement for high school students.

“While increasing test scores is not our focus, this exceptional performance shows we’re succeeding in our mission of preparing students for college and career readiness,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said. “Congratulations to these students, their families, teachers and everyone in our CCSD community who makes accomplishments like this possible!”

All CCSD high schools achieved an average score above the National and State average on the exam, which measures critical reading and mathematics abilities that are related to successful performance in college.

As the test was redesigned, it’s impossible to be compared to last year’s results, but CCSD continues to perform higher than National and State levels with strong participation… which also was illustrated by outstanding ACT college-entrance exam results released earlier this month.

These scores will be analyzed by Principals and their Leadership and Data Management Teams to review teaching practices and set new performance goals. Counselors also use the results to recommend entrance exams that best suit each student’s strengths and needs.

“Our School District is dedicated to ‘Educating the Emerging Generation,’ and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly,” Dr. Hightower said. “We’re focused on continuous improvement, and we will use these results to further hone our practices to ensure each child in our community receives the best education possible.”

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