CCSD Revises Inclement Weather Early Dismissal Plan

CCSD Revises Inclement Weather Early Dismissal Plan

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The Cherokee County School District considers school closures, delays in opening and early dismissals due to inclement weather very seriously. As such, school and district staff routinely review and modify all related protocols and operating procedures so as to continually improve the timeliness of decisions and actions, as well as further ensure the safety of our students and staff.

As a result of one such recent review, the School District is implementing revisions to the contingency plans for dismissing school early. This change will further ensure safety factors for our students and improve the efficiency of timely closures and communications for our 2-hour, 3-hour, 4-hour and 5-hour early dismissals.

The revised plan calls for high school, middle school, STEM/Fine Arts and ACE Academy dismissal to begin prior to elementary schools, allowing all high school student drivers to leave campus immediately when early dismissal is ordered. In doing so, this allows less-experienced high school drivers to clear ahead of pending weather. This revision also allows there to be older siblings at home ahead of transported elementary school-age students; and, allows elementary schools a longer period of time in which to contact parents relative to the closure of their After School Programs.

The only exception to this change will be when the dismissal is one hour or less. In that situation, elementary schools will release first since they have earlier ending times to the school day.

The safety of our students is of primary importance. Accordingly, the Cherokee County School District is making these revisions active immediately. For your review and usage, a detailed chart outlining CCSD Dismissal Patterns can be found as an attachment below. If you have additional questions about this plan, please contact your school’s front office for information or clarification.

CCSD Inclement Weather Early Dismissal Schedule