Below are the Bascomb Elementary School and CCSD forms needed for the 2017-18 school year. The required forms will be provided at Meet and Greet or on the first day of school.

Click on the links below or visit the CCSD forms page:

First Day Forms

READ and PRINT Information and Signature Coupon Packet (English)

Student Health Needs Identification Form – English

Medication Procedures (English)

2017-18 Parent Occupational Survey (English)

Inclement Weather_Emergency Instructions Combined (English) This form is for Kindergarten only. Grades 1-5 must fill out the Emergency Information for Early Dismissal form in the student agenda. Do not tear it out of the agenda.

These are forms required by Bascomb. Click the links below:

PE Health Form

Cafe extras permission slip-2016


Volunteer-Mentor Application (Required by every parent that wants to volunteer in any capacity)

Complete pages 1 and 2

Read 3 & 4

Pages 1, 2 and 4 (signed) need to be returned to the teacher or front office.

 ** All pages must be turned in to be complete.

Student Health Forms

Authorization to Carry Prescription Inhaler, Auto Epinephrine Injector, or Diabetic Equipment (PDF)

Lice Control Guidelines (English)

Cherokee County School District
Health Guidelines

Lice Control

The Cherokee County School District has established the following guidelines in order to prevent the spread of lice to uninfested students. These guidelines have been established to protect the health of the entire student population as well as to protect the feeling and emotional well-being of identified students.

  1. Students identified as having an active infestation of lice will be handled in a discreet and sensitive manner at all times.
  2. Any student identified with lice will be isolated from uninfested students. Attempts will be made to contact parents to pick up the child for immediate treatment.
  3. Parents will be informed that the child may not return to school until either:
    1. The child’s hair has been treated so that there are no longer lice or eggs(nits) present, or
    2. The parents provide a written statement from a physician or the Health Department verifying that the child is no longer contagious.
  4. All treated students will be rechecked upon their return, even if they present a letter of clearance. Obviously, if any live lice are found, the verification procedure will begin again.
  5. Parents who continue to send their children to school without following the prescribed treatment procedures or who fail to send their children back to school treated in a reasonable amount of time will be referred to the proper authorities. Children sent to school in violation of this guideline will be liable for prosecution for criminal trespass.

Medication Authorization Form (PDF)

Procedure for Reporting Communicable Diseases

Allergic Reaction Plan

State-Required Immunizations for Purposes of Student Enrollment (PDF)

School NutritionFree and Reduced Price Meal Application – English*

Free and Reduced Price Meal Application – Spanish*

Free and Reduced Price ONLINE Meal Application*

*Forms are being updated for the 2017-18 school year. Please check back for the new forms in July.