Congratulations to Bascomb’s Reflections Participants!

Congratulations to Bascomb’s Reflections Participants!

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PTA Reflections

2016-17 Theme: What is Your Story?


All 1st and 2nd place entries at County Level have gone onto the State Level.  Bascomb has sent the most students to State in Cherokee County for Elementary Level!!

Congratulations to our Reflections participants!



Visual Arts:

1st Place – Kaci Agve

2nd Place – Jessica Flannery

3rd Place – Grant Rosser


Certificate of Recognition: Harper Johnson, Darden Nesmith, Ansley Marusiodis, Stella McGuire, Harrison Baker, Benjamin Goode, Susannah Ziegler, Gabriel Wadenpfuhl, Max Ziegler, Vivian Smith, Josephine Shanken, Brooks Gunter, Guinevere Shanklin, Harlen Wilson, Ella Garcia, Josie Schuldt, Madden Simons.


First Grade:

Visual Arts:

1st Place- Alyssa West

2nd Place- Whit Jackson

3rd Place- Brayden Weber


Certificate of Recognition: Dominic Wadenpfuhl, Sydney Albertson, Jackson Wolf


1st Place- Eli Atkinson

2nd Place- Reagan Wehr


Second Grade:

Visual Arts:

1st Place- Kathryn Flannery

2nd Place- Violet Paul

3rd Place- Lily Campbell


Certificate of Recognition: Olivia Marie Dwyer, Lila Hedlund, Samantha Rice, Lance Rosser, Marley Jackson



1st Place- Samantha Rice

2nd Place- Mason Baird

3rd Place- Samantha Rice


Film Production:

1st Place- Jules Mixer


Dance Choreography:

1st Place- Samantha Rice


Third Grade:

Visual Arts:

1st Place- Sophia Knerr

2nd Place- Lydia Paul

3rd Place- Caitlin Marshall


Certificate of Recognition: Kylee Meadows


Photography – Special Artist

1st Place- Coleson Trombley



1st Place- Lauren Bryant


Music Composition:

1st Place- Phoenix Caesar



1st Place- Ava Jean Tyner

2nd Place- Elizabeth Porter


Fourth Grade:

Visual Arts:

1st Place- Jason West

2nd Place- Grace Lancaster

3rd Place- Frank Donabella Jr.


Photography –

Special Artist

1st Place- Ryan Weber

Music Composition:

1st Place- Grace Lancaster



1st Place- Ava Rodgers

2nd Place- Grace Lancaster


Fifth Grade:

Visual Arts:

1st Place- Kendall Sabrina Lee

2nd Place- Shelby Rice

3rd Place- Olivia Ward


Certificate of Recognition: Kyra Albertson, Mikayla Parks, Gabrielle Younts, Andrew Rice



1st Place- Shelby Rice

2nd Place- Shelby Rice

3rd Place- Walker Baird


Certificate of Recognition: Andrew Rice


1st Place- Brayden Wallace


Congratulations to the following Students for placing at the County Level:


3rd Grade – Lauren Bryant (3rd place)

5th Grade – Shelby Rice (1st place)



2nd Grade – Jules Mixer (2nd place)



1st Grade – Eli Atkinson (1st place_

3rd Grade – Elizabeth Porter (1st place)

3rd Grade – Ave Jean Tyner (2nd place)

5th Grade – Brayden Wallace (2nd place)


Visual Arts

5th Grade – Kendall Lee (1st place)



2nd Grade – Samantha Rice (2nd place)



3rd Grade – Phoenix Caesar (2nd place)


Photo-4th Grade – Ryan Weber (Special Artist)