Bobcats Walk Across America – Fit Friendly Program

Bobcats Walk Across America – Fit Friendly Program

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Please Click Here for the Mileage Tracker Form

Dear Parents,

The Bascomb faculty and students are participating in a new Fit Friendly program to develop positive fitness habits called, Bobcats Walk Across America.  Each grade level, along with the teachers, will keep track of time spent walking.  PE teachers will collect grade level data monthly and display on a USA map. This map will be displayed outside of the gym for all to see.

Attached is a simple log that can be filled out and turned in to the PE coaches at the end of each month.  For example, if a student walks for 15 minutes with their family, that will count as 1 mile for each person in their family toward their grade level’s journey.  Additionally, students will wear step counters in PE and that will also count toward their grade level’s mileage.

We are very excited to start this program at Bascomb and hope that everyone will benefit from exercising and spending time with their family. We look forward to seeing the journey that each grade level will take and how far they will go!  GO BOBCATS!

Your Fit Friendly Committee,

Marquita Huggins -2nd grade teacher

Ed Koschewa – PE teacher

Nettie Mosteller – PE teacher

Barry Stafford – PE teacher